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Hello and welcome to Accessories Treasure Hunt.

A new Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Online Shopping Store providing a range of modern  Fashion Accessories.

Thank you for taking the time to find out  a little about us. This is a new Queensland, Australian business. We  provide a variety of Fashionable Accessories and Costume Jewellery Online.

Our prices are very affordable. We stock necklaces in both long and short styles, choker’s, bracelets, bangles earrings, hair accessories and other. Our fashion items are reflective of what is worn overseas. All items have a quick individual description and show  length and weight.

When browsing our website, please checkout our user-friendly Online Store options and process. We are proud of our quick and friendly service. At the moment, we have a shipping bonus. Order now and take advantage of our Free Postage Offer. Our checkout process is simple and you can pay safely with our payment options.

We appreciate our customers opinions and value their ongoing support.We want to provide the general public with Fashion Costume Jewellery Online, with the opportunity to purchase the Accessories at the lowest prices possible. Our customers trust and approval is very important to us and do not take it for granted.

As we are a new business, we will only trade within Australia. We will update our site with all trading changes as soon as they occur. In the meantime, we will continue adding new products to our current categories and introduce new and improved categories to suit a wider audience. Once you have searched  and become familiar with our website, please return and check our developing  progress.

Before you leave, just a little …………………….   ATH  Jewellery Gossip


Fashion Accessories Online

About - Our Tut

“Did you know Costume Jewellery has been extremely popular all around the world for thousands of years?

Ancient Egyptians are known to have worn various decorative beaded necklaces regularly and “Cleopatra” is probably one of the original wearers of what we today call “Costume Jewellery”.  Hence, how our Egyptian inspiration for this site was born”.



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