Interesting Process used in making a Solid Gold Bangle

Making of Solid Gold BangleEver wandered how or what the process in making a Solid Gold bangle is, or how they can be made? this video somewhat defines why there is a high cost attached to some of them? Check out the interesting process used in making a beautiful Solid Gold Bangle.

Worth searching through all the past years jewellery for all your old un used gold jewellery pieces that are broken or just don’t simply wear any more maybe because they no longer fit or are extremely outdated ¬†and converting them into something great like in this video:).

Another good idea is to search around online (ebay) for random gold pieces being auctioned and possibly obtain at a good price. The more grams you collect, the heavier the bangle will be. The heavier the bangle the happier one is :). A good jewellery maker should be able to whip up a beauty just like the video. I followed up on the above process and my result was /is awesome.